What it Means to be a Certified B Corporation



Many people are not fully aware of what a certified B corporation is and how powerful it can be. First things first the “B” in certified B corporations stands for “Beneficial”. A company that is marked as a B corp uses the power of business to solve social and environmental problems.How does a company get deemed as a certified B corporation? Well, businesses are certified by the non-profit B Lab to meet uncompromising standards of social and environmental conduct, responsibility, and transparency.

Bcorporation.net says, “today, there is a growing community of more than 600 Certified B
Corps from 15 countries and 60 industries working together toward 1 unifying goal: to
redefine success in business”.B corps leverage business (one of man’s greatest man made forces) to offer higher quality jobs and to raise the quality of life in our community.

Caliber Technologies’ Mission as a certified B corporation is to solve one of society’s greatest challenges of supporting our troops. These veterans have risked their lives and given up so much for us, so we could continue to live our everyday lives. Now it is our moral obligation to support them by donating and employing military veterans.

Caliber Technologies donates a portion of their revenue to multiple non-profit organizations focused on supporting military troops/veterans and their families. As well as donations Caliber Technologies is proud to have employed military veterans, allowing them to provide for their families. It is our goal to create a self sustainable business that can give back to the admirable troops who have served for us and our country.



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TOYS FOR TROOPS is being featured at Active Bodez’ HOLIDAY HEALTHFEST on Thursday, December 4th  from 11am to 2pm.

Caliber Technologies has partnered with our great friends Health Fitness Designs, Inc at their Active Bodez Studio to throw a community festival! It centers on the idea that healthy lifestyles include “giving back”!

Now we are inviting YOU to HOLIDAY HEALTHFEST on Thursday, December 4th!

Vendors and guests gather to see demos of innovative personal training at Active Bodez’ newly updated and expanded location at 1105 Copeland Oaks Drive, Morrisville, NC 27560. Gift certificates from vendors are available for purchase.

Bring new clothing or toys to donate to TOYS FOR TROOPS and receive gift certificates from participating vendors at the festival.



For more information on our partner Health Fitness Designs, Inc at their Active Bodez Studio, please see their website at http://www.activebodez.com/ . To see more details on the HOLIDAY HEALTHFEST please go HERE and to the event on Facebook HERE.

We hope to see everyone at the HOLIDAY HEALTHFEST!

TOYS FOR TROOPS 2014 Campaign



It’s December and our annual TOYS FOR TROOPS campaign is open! Caliber Technologies gathers donations of new clothing and toys for the wonderful children of the military families here in North Carolina and West Virginia.

Our campaign cannot truly get rolling until all of our fabulous partners host their box and sign at their locations. Please consider supporting these establishments during this holiday season.

We are blessed once again this year with many of the same partners that hosted boxes last year. Some new friends have chosen to join our mission too! Oh! And, we have new surprises up our furry sleeves so stay tuned to our website for further details!

T4T group

Here is the list of our 2014 partners for Toys for Troops:

North Carolina

Triangle Area:     12 Locations

  • Bagwell, Holt, Smith       Chapel Hill, NC
  • Bill Plemmons RV World     Raleigh, NC
  • Core Building Products Garner, NC
  • Health Fitness Designs     Morrisville, NC
  • Jim Allen Group (Coldwell Banker)     Raleigh, NC
  • Kruse Family Chiropractic     Durham, NC
  • Lenovo    **On-site Employees Only**
  • Open Arts          Morrisville, NC
  • Pam’s Farmhouse     Raleigh, NC
  • Papa John’s Pizza – 2 locations     Brier Creek and Glenwood Ave, Raleigh, NC
  • ReMax United     Cary, NC

 West Virginia

  • Mary B’s Diner     Parkersburg, WV



Caliber Technologies thanks all our great customers who help us all year with our Missions to support our nation’s heroes, their families and veterans by purchasing ink, toner and office supplies through us.

Please have a safe and happy Holiday Season!

Mission Four, 2014: Military Care Packages


Caliber Technologies has been contacted with a request to provide care packages for a unit slated for deployment later this month (October).

These boxes are to include books, magazines, dvds, dvd players, video games with systems, batteries (AA, AAA), games and board games, books of Sudoku & crosswords, and personal hygiene items.


Picture credit to http://www.homefronthugs.org/carepackages/ . Thank you.

Caliber Technologies is excited to collect donations from individuals and companies with all items being collected at the headquarters office in Morrisville, North Carolina.

Thank you for helping us support our active duty military men and women. If you have any questions, please call Tammy Croom at 800-966-8738.

Mission Three 2014: Mrs. Walker’s Kindergarten Class, Ware Elementary, Ft. Riley, KS

As the sound of school bells ring out across the nation this year, there are many children in need of the basic tools for school. Caliber Technologies helped one such school at Ft. Riley, Kansas.

Caliber Technologies was notified in August of this year about the many children of distressed military families that cannot afford to buy their own school supplies. And, with so many cuts to educational institutions, the teachers cannot afford to buy the children the supplies either.

Caliber Technologies got busy! We were able to select one of the Ft. Riley elementary schools, Ware Elementary, and donated backpacks full of supplies!

Ft riley backpacks

Ft. Riley backpacks! How cool!

Each drawstring backpack contained at least one of each: pencil, a pink eraser, a highlighter, pack of paper, spiral notebook, pack of note cards, a ruler, and dry erase markers for the teacher. We also sent along some flash drives to help the older children with their technology needs.

We were pleasantly surprised to receive the greatest Thank You Note from the kids!

It reads:

Dear Caliber Technologies,

I am writing to thank you for your donation of school supplies to Ware Elementary. We are honored to have been selected and appreciate your support.

Being that we are a military community, students have unpredictable circumstances that arise in their lives. Because of your generosity, we will be able to provide students with much needed supplies to complete daily tasks in their classrooms.

Sincerely,    Mrs. Walker’s Kindergarten

Thank you note.

Thank you note.

Now, we want to thank YOU!  You, our great customers, are the ones who help us through your purchases of ink, toner and office supplies. We cannot do what we do for our nation’s heroes without your help. Thanks!

 ★Supporting Military Families One Order at a Time★




The family of SGT. Matthew Rando has had it very hard the last year or so. Upon hearing of their troubles, Caliber Technologies jumped to donate through our non-profit of choice, Operation Once in a Lifetime.

Here is the Rando Family’s story:

SGT. Rando is stationed at Joint Base Lewis-McChord.  He and his wife, Samantha, reside off-base with their eight children ranging in ages from 2 to 21 years of age, two of which have special needs. They have lived modestly on his Army paycheck while Samantha works as a stay-at-home mother.

The family is used to weathering hardships. When Samantha’s mother passed away, SGT Matthew and Samantha raised her two younger siblings, without hesitation.

Earlier this year, Samantha underwent major surgery which resulted in complications. These complications are, unfortunately, continuing and she will need another surgery in the fall.

SGT Matthew Rando Family

SGT Matthew Rando Family

Just as the family was getting used to the difficulties Samantha’s surgery brought, SGT. Rando’s  pay was disturbed in March.  There was an error in the amount he received. Knowing that it may be 45 days until the error was corrected, the family sought help through Army Emergency Relief (AER). This agency was able to help them on a one-time only basis.

His paycheck problem was not resolved in April, nor in May. Samantha tells us this:

“My husband and his command started working on fixing the error in March and they were told it could take 45 days to [get the monies] back in our pay.

So, we did the best we could to get by. Then when the 45 days passed, and it was not fixed, my husband went to his command and they went to S1 and Finance and found that the paperwork was still sitting on their desk and never turned in.

It has went up to the Lt. Colonel and they are doing everything they can to push the issue but it does not help our current situation.”

Now, with SGT. Rando’s paycheck problems still persisting, the family is placed again in financial need. This is when Caliber Technologies was contacted and we happily offered to help out.

You can help families just like the Rando Family with YOUR purchase.

Thank you.

Mission One, 2014: SGT Darren Downing and wife, Brook


In a letter to our charity of choice for this Mission, Operation Once in a Lifetime, Darren Downing tells the story of becoming disabled and what he promised his girlfriend who supported him throughout the ordeal.

It starts with US Army SGT Darren Downing being critically injured during a tour in Afghanistan on February 26, 2012.

For the six months that he was in Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for recovery and therapy, Brook, his girlfriend at the time, stayed with him. She put her own goals, dreams and life on hold to help his recovery efforts.

photo 2 (6) (1)

In his letter, he describes her hardships of being away from her support system to be with him. SGT Downing writes: “She went through just as much as I did coming back home, if not more. I had support she didn’t. There was no one she could talk to, She dealt with everything on her own. I leaned on her during my whole recovery; she carried both of our weight throughout everything we were going through. She watched me look myself in the mirror every day, with tears in my eyes, disgusted for what had happened to me, for the deformity that my injury had left. She was there to pick up all the pieces when I was angry at everyone. She was there when I was sad and when I couldn’t make sense of it all. She was there to pick me back up and to put me back together when I didn’t know how. To this very day she still does all these things; some days are worse than others, but she is always there.”

Following advice from others, SGT Darren Downing and his young girlfriend, now wife, were married before the process of getting medically retired was completed. SGT Downing writes again: “My wife agreed to get married on such short notice without her dress, without her family, and without her friends. She didn’t get her fairy tale wedding that she had dreamed of her whole life; (one) that she most certainly deserved more than anyone I have ever met. She agreed, under two conditions, one being that we had to get married in a church, not in an office or at a courthouse. Secondly, she made me promise that on the exact date a year from our original marriage, we could have a real wedding ceremony. At that time I made that promise, it seemed like a small price to pay for all she has done for me from the very second I was injured.”

photo 3 (3)

At this point in the letter he spells out that he is asking for assistance with giving her the “dream” wedding she did not receive the first time. Caliber Technologies wishes to help this young couple. We are happily donating a portion of the sales of YOUR ORDERS to SGT Downing and his wife towards their “dream” wedding in Ohio this spring.

2013 Year-In-Review: Missions Complete!

Caliber Technologies is excited to give you a fantastic recap of the five missions and our Annual TOYS FOR TROOPS Campaign in 2013. From reaching out and helping three of our military service personnel and families in need to expanding our donations this summer to cover two community programs here in North Carolina, we are utilizing your contributions from ink, toner and office supply purchases to help where it is needed most! And, our Holiday toy and clothing reached further than we even expected! Read on…

We started out 2013 with a call to help little Piper with our “Print for Piper” mission. Piper Wilhide is a baby girl diagnosed with Neuroblastoma. Both her parents currently serve in our armed forces in different branches. The diagnosis, as you can imagine, brought a series of debts that was difficult for the family to handle all at once.

Piper Wilhide

We were successful with our mission! We dearly wanted to raise enough money, to purchase plane tickets for Piper’s grandparents to fly in and provide the much needed assistance and support during the recovery process. In addition to the tickets, we would love to be able to assist Piper’s parents’ with their unexpected travel costs to and from Piper’s hospital and their hotel stays. With the tickets and a monetary donation, this family is well on its way to recovery!

During our Second Mission of 2013, Caliber Technologies was able to help two of our military families! We’d like to introduce you to the families of Sergeant (SGT) James Ray and Airman (AMN) Nichole Murphy.

On duty in Iraq, SGT Ray was enjoying his military career, a loving family, and a promotion in the near future. Unfortunately, one day his vehicle was hit by an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) resulting in burns over 60% of his body.

Fast forward to his stateside recovery, SGT Ray was adjusting nicely to life as a disabled veteran. He bought a home both near his family and the Veterans Affairs Office in Lometa, TX. The home was equipped to accommodate his needs.

SGT Ray, two pictures

Everything was on track on moving day until, while driving with his wife to his new home, the couple was hit by a semi-truck. The timing of this accident is made worse by the fact that former SGT Ray’s wife was to start a new job the very next week.

Although both are recovering from this accident, the couple is currently living off of only former SGT Ray’s disability payments. This loving and patriotic couple is now in need of funds for housing. Caliber Technologies is delighted to contribute towards their needs.

Air Force Airman (AMN) Nichole Murphy is a dedicated servicewoman and loving mother to a daughter named Haley. AMN Murphy recently received the hard news that her daughter’s illness may shorten Haley’s life; in fact, she may not live through the summer.  Haley was born without urinary organs and she is on constant dialysis and has a colostomy bag.

Haley and mom

Having nothing more than a disposable camera to record what may her daughter’s last few happy months, Caliber Technologies is delighted to help donate a Nikon Digital Video Camcorder to the family.

Sadly, we were just informed that Haley did pass away in September, 2013. We all are heartbroken to hear this news. We are very proud to be a part of giving AMN Murphy some lasting memories of her daughter and wish her peace.

Caliber Technologies is proud to announce we are a participating sponsor of the North Raleigh Athletic Association (NRAA), the largest organization in the CFF and Pop Warner Mid-South Region.

As an “Ultimate Fan” level supporter we help fund the wonderful boys and girls and their football and cheer activities in our own community.  Go Bulldogs!!

The North Carolina National Guard (NCNG) Teen Council and Caliber Technologies have teamed up to help teens of deployed National Guardsmen with the inaugural NCNG Teen Challenge Retreat at Camp Butner in June 2013.

Teen Challenge participants 2013

The teens that attended the four day retreat worked on developing their communication, leadership and team building skills in a small team environment. By donating the official camp tee shirts, we helped these teens meet their goals and take an active role in their learning! Congratulations to all participants! Way to go!!

Caliber Technologies started working on our TOYS FOR TROOPS campaign earlier than usual in 2013. TOYS FOR TROOPS is our annual toy and clothing drive for the children of military families in need during the Holiday Season. This time, we were fortunate enough that we were able to select three families through the “New Beginnings” website for special recognition and help.

We are very proud of our eighteen community partners for 2013! Each hosted a box and sign at their location throughout the Triangle Area of North Carolina. All of these locations were thanked personally by staff members when the donation boxes were picked up. Several locations were thanked in person by military personnel in tow with our staff. What a great campaign!

Oh, we also need to mention, this year we had some extra help outside the Triangle Area. Our partner in West Virginia, Mary B’s Restaurant in Parkersburg, helped to gather donations for children whose parents are with the West Virginia National Guard.

Please remember, Caliber Technologies proudly donates a portion of every order for ink, toner and office supplies back to our Veterans and our local community. We could not do it without your support and we greatly appreciate you! Thank you!


2013 Toys For Troops Campaign RECAP

Caliber Technologies ends each year with an annual toy and clothing drive during the Holiday Season. This year we spread our wings a bit further and not only ran our Toys For Troops campaign, but we selected three families through the “New Beginnings” website for special recognition and help.

Our TOYS FOR TROOPS campaign works closely with partners throughout the community here in the Triangle Area of North Carolina to gather toys and clothing for the children of military families in need.

A matter of note, this year we had some extra help outside the Triangle Area. Our partner in West Virginia, Mary B’s Restaurant in Parkersburg, helped to gather donations for children whose parents are with the West Virginia National Guard. We are very pleased with the outcome and a special thanks goes to the staff of the restaurant!

Accordingly, we are very proud of our eighteen partners-listed in our last post. Each hosted a box and sign at their location.

During the week before Christmas, most of the partners were visited by a Caliber Technology employee who received the donations and gave personal thanks to everyone. Several of our partners were thanked by extra visitors- the soldiers, themselves.

On Wednesday, December 18th, SGT Jackson and SSG Powell from the Unit 1-130th ARB,  were accompanied on the visits by two of our Caliber Technologies employees, Tammy Croom and Adea Arnson, and teen volunteer, Hunter Sparks, getting his community service points! They are all visiting, thanking and picking up boxes for the North Carolina National Guard.

On Friday, December 20th, four soldiers from Fort Braggwere accompanied the same employees. The soldiers are from the 525 BFSB: SGT Brad Urban, SGT. Casie Norton, SSG Kevin Malloy and PVT TaylorAnne Roden.

All in all, Caliber Technologies and our partners gathered 16 LARGE boxes of toys and clothing (and one bicycle!) to distribute to the children of needy military families both in the NC National Guard and the US Army stationed at Ft. Bragg.

Now, as mentioned in the first paragraph, the three military families that were selected for special assistance are all stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. We found their names and needs on a website dedicated to helping military families: http://www.adusa.com/FamNeeds.htm . We were able to provide a large box per family filled with toys and a few clothing items picked out just for the children of these families. We are thrilled that we were able to help!

Thank you to each of you: our partners, our customers, our donors, and our community. We cannot do it without you!

Caliber Technologies “Supports Military Families One Order at a Time”!
Happy New Year!